eAccounts Mobile App

Manage your FSUCard's monetary accounts using the eAccounts App. Available for FREE download for both Android or iOS.

The FSUCard eAccount mobile app features include:

  • Viewing your real time transaction history
  • Depositing funds into your FSUCash account via credit card*
  • Checking balances for Dining Dollars
  • Freezing and unfreezing your card's accounts

*In order to make deposits from the mobile app, you must first deposit on the website and save a payment method to your account.


Step 1: Register Your Account Online

  • Sign into the FSU eAccounts page with your FSUID and password.
  • Click the blue "+ Add Money" link & follow prompts to make an initial account deposit.
  • On the "Receipt for Account Deposit" page, be sure to click "Save this payment for future use" and "Save".
  • All valid saved payment methods created in the web browser will now be available within the eAccounts mobile app!

Step 2: Sign into the Mobile App

  1. Select Florida State University
  2. Enter your FSUID and password