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Departmental Payments

Payments made by departments for FSUCard services will need to follow the processes and keep up with key dates for Auxiliary AR/Billing. Payments for FSUCard Services by departments will require an Internal PO and FSUCard Order Form. Please contact fsucard@fsu.edu for any questions regarding payment.

New Hires

For new employees to be processed completely, an appointment must be entered, the new employee paperwork must be completed, and the employee must activate their FSUID. Once these steps have been completed, it may take up to two (2) business days for this information to appear in all systems. Before sending a new employee to the FSUCard Center, please call our office at 850-644-7777 to confirm their record is active and available for card production.

Seminole Boosters Employees

For new Boosters employees, 
New cards are   , and replacements are 

Courtesy Cards

Courtesy cards are for FSU affiliates who are not faculty or staff but are working on campus. To obtain a courtesy card, a courtesy appointment will need to be submitted. Please allow 2-3 business days for the system to update after the appointment has been entered before the card is available for pick up. Courtesy cards are $10, payable by debit/credit card at time of issuance.

Vendor cards

Contracted partners with a university department that provide services and need door access. Vendor cards are $10, payable by debit/credit card at time of issuance.

Contractor Badge

Companies partnered through Facilities working on various projects or providing services on campus. Contractor cards are $10, payable by debit/credit card at time of issuance.

Custom Cards

We are able to produce specialty cards and badges for FSU departments. Contact us at fsucard@fsu.edu to discuss your project and receive a quote.

Guest Cards

Guest cards can be requested through Campus Access & Security Services via the Service Center. The cost is $5 per card. Guest cards do not have access to Seminole Dining services or FSUCash. For more information, contact us at fsucard@fsu.edu